Here is the overview for the writing program:

General Writing:

The general writing course focuses on the elements of basic style in English writing. It provides the basics necessary to build into more advanced forms of writing. Here we go over basic elements such as correct sentence structure, word order, written syntax, and paragraph form. The goal from general writing is to provide students with the English writing skills necessary for writing in general. The skills taught in this course could be applicable in any field which uses writing as a form of communication or documentation. The general writing course is a prerequisite for the academic, journalistic, and business writing courses.

Academic Writing:

The academic writing course is a possible follow up to the general writing course. Students employ the techniques learned in general writing in an academic context. In this course we focus on basic academic writing, with an emphasis on key elements such as the thesis, the use of proof or evidence for support, and topic sentences for connection. By the end of the level, students will be able to create an argument essay in correct English style incorporating the topics and elements discussed in class.

Journalistic Writing:

The journalistic writing course is a possible follow up to the general writing course. Students will continue with their program of study from the general writing course while learning proper journalistic form, such as focusing on sentence clarity, journalistic style, and voice. The material of the class will focus on news stories, and, by the end of the course, students will be able to write an article using correct news, form and style.

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