CELTA Preparation Course

What is CELTA Preparation Course?

This 8-day course is aimed at people who are looking forward to take the CELTA course in one of Cambridge Assessment English Centers and want to be prepared for the CELTA. It’s is a practical course that focuses on helping future CELTA candidates understand the structure and the topics covered in the CELTA course and enables them to be prepared and pass the CELTA successfully. The course aims to give candidates useful lesson frameworks and practical techniques and activities to allow them to successfully comprehend and pass the course.

This is an eight-day course that comprises three-hour input sessions per day.

Course content:

CELTA application, interview and related tasks:

This helps course participants to know how to apply for the course and what requirements they need to meet to be able to apply for the CELTA and get accepted. It also includes examples of interview questions the can expect to find in the application process.

Course tasks and assignments:

This session familiarizes course participants of the written work they will need to do during the course and helps them pass them successfully.

Presenting new language:

Here CPs get to understand how to present new language effectively and to practice ensuring students have understood using a range of clarification techniques.

How to teach writing:

This looks at how to handle writing skills sessions and how to organize the session in comprehensive framework to help students practice writing.

How to teach speaking:

This looks at a variety of tasks and how to categorize them in terms of whether they promote accuracy or fluency of the learners. It also familiarizes course participants of the frame work that would be suitable to plan and execute a successful speaking lesson.

How to teach receptive skills (reading and listening):

This looks at how to use texts and how to plan and execute successful receptive skills lessons.

Language awareness and analysis:

Theses sessions revises and familiarizes course participant with the aspects of language they need to comprehend before entering the class to teach the language systems (grammar, lexis, phonology and functional language). They will also help course participants understand and analyze language to execute a successful lesson.

Lesson planning:

This is part of the written work course participants will need to do while on the course. Course participants will understand the required parts of the lesson plans and how to write them.

Classroom management:

This will look at how to establish a successful learning environment for learners and how to provide a balanced and interactive classroom.

What are the benefits of the CELTA Preparation Course?

On completing the course, the participants will:

Have developed understanding of all aspects of the CELTA course and what it consists of.

Have learned how to successfully prepare for the written work to accomplish on the course.

Have understood how to prepare for different lesson.

Have learned how to deliver successful lessons on the CELTA course.

Have understood the range of approaches to develop their leaners’ receptive and productive skills.

Have become more aware of ways to present and clarify new language effectively.

Reasons to choose this course:

Ideal for who wants to apply for CELTA Course in future to be professional certified teacher.

Ideal for teachers with little to no teaching experience in teaching English as a second or a foreign language.

Ideal for teachers who want to create a more communicative learning experience for their learners.

The majority of the course is practical so the participants will immediately be able to apply what they have learned in their classes.

Course Info

Interested applicants should fill in a form on our website. They will then be contacted for an interview (online or face to face) where there will be a timed writing task and an evaluation.

All applicants should have a level of English equivalent to B2 or above. 

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CELTA Preparation

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