How Can I Complete the CELTA Pre-Interview Task Successfully

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What is the CELTA Pre-Interview Task?

The Pre-Interview Task (or PIT, for short) is a series of activities and questions. Its aim is to test your language awareness and your ability to simplify complex ideas into easily understandable concepts. It also helps Main Course tutors better understand your reason for wanting to become a teacher and to see your attitude towards learning.

There isn’t a standard idea of what a PIT would be; it all depends on where you take the test. Some schools might ask you to write an essay on why you want to be an English teacher, others might want you to distinguish grammatical structures. The underlying point for every PIT is to test what we mentioned earlier.

You also don’t need to be nervous, It’s only used so the Main Course tutors understand whether you’re ready for the course or not.

How many parts are there in the CELTA course pre-interview task?

Most of the time, there are 3 parts within the PIT. However, those parts might include some smaller exercises. For example, Reach Out tests you on your English awareness, asks about your knowledge on the course and gives you an opportunity to ask questions. It also involves a One-to-One interview and the interviewer is usually a CELTA Tutor.

You have to keep in mind that nobody is expecting you to be an expert at such an early stage in your CELTA journey. So don’t stress yourself out and expect perfection, you’ll definitely be learning as you go.

CELTA Pre-interview Task Preparation Tips and Answers

As we mentioned earlier, this course focuses on your attitude towards becoming a certified English teacher and not so much on your previous experience. That’s why a very common approach to the questions you’ll be asked is your motivation behind wanting to become a teacher. “Why did you apply for this course?” or “What made you want to start teaching?”.

There’s no right or wrong when answering these questions. However, a common approach to them could be saying that you wanted to change your career or that you’d like to travel and experience life in different cultures. You can also highlight a learning experience you’ve had in the past and why you think this specific experience was important in your life.

You might also be asked about any previous experience. This question is broader than it seems; it basically highlights whether you’ve been at the front of the room and managing a group of people before or not.

You’ll also be asked about some English awareness and language terminology. This might require a bit of research on your part which is completely fine. Doing prior research will show that you’re able to actively research content for the course.

Lastly, it’d be great for you to show them your time management skills and your ability to work within a deadline.

CELTA Application & Interview Tips

Generally speaking, you can expect to find questions about English grammar like:

  • Verb tenses (Past, present, etc.)
  • Particular grammatical functions (Instruction, threat, request)
  • Spotting some spelling mistakes.

You’ll also be asked questions about what qualities you think a good teacher would have, what are you expecting from the first lesson, etc.

How will I know if I have been successfully accepted on the CELTA course?

Following the interview, the tutor will send you an Email of the result of your application. Later, the accepted candidates will be sent an invoice to book their spot in the course.

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