Is Online Learning Important or a Temporary Means That Ends with the End of the Current Circumstance?

Why should you go to Online learning?

Some people may think that the emergence of the term online learning at present is due to the current circumstance we live in. Still, this effective method of education has been around for many years. Still, it is the current conditions that have helped to spread it more clearly these days, where everyone has now realized the significant role that This method can contribute to achieving it for individuals through the development and development of their skills, which benefit them by adding new skills and capabilities added to them, which helps to increasing their opportunities for advancement and increasing their profits, whether at the level of self-employment for individuals or at the level of development of companies that work It out or develop you Kathm Emerging / Private, Here’s the essential advantages enjoyed by distance learning.

1- Curriculum Vitae:

If you are a student and want to get a suitable job after completing studies, or if you are an employee looking for a higher job opportunity, there is nothing better than putting a distance education course in your resume because it reflects the extent of your commitment and your insistence on learning, which gives an impression to me The employer is that you are a committed and loving person and that you have priority in obtaining a job or promotion in your career.

2- Flexibility in dates and the learning environment:

You may be a student at the university, and you are required to attend many lectures, and also to participate in additional training courses related to your studies. You do not have time to visit any other training courses to develop your skills, or you may be an employee of a company that has fixed dates, and you cannot ask permission to attend the direction that you want In getting it to get a promotion at work, you or your family may have family obligations that prevent you from attending classes. All of these barriers are not found in distance learning. Distance learning enjoys flexibility, whether in appointments or the learning environment. You can be based on your schedule, determine the appropriate time to learn, in the morning, at night, or in the middle of the day, and also you can choose your favorite place, whether at home or outside. This feature makes distance learning easy, accessible to everyone, and more enjoyable, which helps encourage you to continue.


3- Overcoming transportation problems:

Transportation problem we all suffer from, whether from busy roads, or the lack of a suitable means of transportation continuously, or after the place you want to learn about from your home, even if you have your own car, searching for a place in the car parks may be annoying for you.

But with distance learning you will not have to endure the traffic jam and the ways to go to the course, you can learn anything from your home.

Also if you spend a lot of time on transportation going to and from work or while going anywhere, you can use this time in a practical way, by downloading training courses on mobile and studying them in transportation, this will not make you feel bored with the long ways, and it will also achieve you Perfect benefit.

4- Variety of training courses:

You can learn German with a German teacher who lives in Germany, and at the same time, you can learn to write about traveling from this blogger who lives in the Maldives and who writes about his travels, all while you are at home. You can learn everything you wish without taking a single step outside your home. Also, you can search, compare and study with different teachers from different places, with different experiences, ideas, and experiences, all you need for a computer and the Internet, and you can get a massive amount of useful and varied information.

5- Temporary exams:

What distinguishes the reviews and exercises found in the distance learning system is the possibility of obtaining the result immediately after completing the exercises/exams. You do not have to wait for some time, go to the training center, or even call the training center to find out the result because the result appears in front of you the moment you finish answering the question. Knowing the result temporarily will have a significant impact in encouraging you to continue learning, as studies have proven that the speed of correcting mistakes and correcting them is a substantial factor for completing any survey.

6- Freedom to participate:

There are some people to whom speaking in front of others is a significant burden. For example, when learning languages, some feel uncomfortable and refrain from actively participating or speaking freely during face-to-face training sessions, especially since everyone looks at you during your talk, and this is uncomfortable for some.

But in distance learning, participation is online, which contributes to reducing the feeling that everyone is looking at you, and this has a significant impact in alleviating the weight of these people and encouraging them to participate without fear, which helps them in making the most of the training session.

7- Increase in focus:

Focus during the process. Instruction is an essential factor in increasing achievement and making the most of the information you receive. To improve concentration, you must create the right conditions for you, as well as the ideal, to create the conditions by selecting the right time when your mind is ready to receive information, and also choosing the right place far from any source of inconvenience or distraction.

Distance education helps you to create these conditions; you can choose the most appropriate time in which you want to start the educational process, and also you can specify the proper place to learn, which results in obtaining the ideal educational conditions and environment to focus on the educational process and get the maximum amount of information and also an achievement.

8- Learning according to your level:

If you can determine the time, place, and also the educational material that you are learning, you control the level of your ability to absorb, and what is the period during which you can collect the most significant possible amount of information. You can take a break whenever you want, then decide if you can go back and continue learning. Or is this enough? It is you who determines the amount of information and the optimal duration for you; you can overcome any difficulties faced by any person in any subject by dividing the time and parts that you want to learn, in addition to your ability to return the same information any number of times to achieve a full understanding of it.

9- Review the scientific material at any time:

Did it happen to you before you were in the classroom, and the teacher explained something that you did not hear clearly or if you understand it sufficiently, but you did not ask him to return the information to your sense of shame?

 If you were reviewing the lecture at home after completing the course, did it happen that sometimes you do not remember some of the information that the teacher explained because you did not record it?

Does recording lectures during the explanation put you in the dilemma of losing focus in some of the information that is said in exchange for registering the information that you learned?

In distance education, the lecture is recorded, and also the scientific material is available on the Internet all the time, which allows reference and review again. You can retrieve any information you do not remember or hear the news back to understand it better.


Distance learning is a bright future for the educational process because of its advantages that do not exist in traditional education. You can learn at any time, anywhere, and you can also get training courses from the most prestigious universities in the world, and you can learn the language you prefer. You can practice it continuously at any time and anywhere, please feel free to start one of the distance learning courses for the weight Your skills and have a bright future.

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