The Online Courses Aren’t Recognized …Is This True?

 With the spread of the expression distance learning (E-learning ) recently, many questions and information began to show up with it about this kind of education that wasn’t known that much before. Some of this information isn’t true and baseless; also, it may prevent you from starting to learn as it’s sorta disappointing.

But in this article, But in this article, we will make some of this information and misconceptions clear about distance learning so that you get well informed about this kind of education, and the article will motivate you to start an online course. Let’s start with the misconceptions about distance education.

The quality of the courses is lower.

 The Internet is just a method used in the education process, and the quality isn’t affected by the existence of the course online or teach it on real-life places.

On the other hand, we find some traditional training courses that don’t provide real quality for students, nor do they apply any standards in the study! We do not know where this mistaken belief came from that the quality of the online courses is less than the traditional offline courses.

What we would like to say is that the presence of the online course doesn’t mean that it is inferior in quality as the places that offer online courses follow high standards of quality and organization, and these, efforts are made in the content provided so that it is easy to read and understand.

Online courses are more comfortable than traditional education.

 Online learning offers a lot of benefits and facilities for trainees, these facilities help you to learn more effectively, and the extent to which you benefit from the course is higher, but this doesn’t mean that the course is easier or not as equally serious as traditional education.

There are no time restrictions.

 Online education gets the advantage of time flexibility, meaning that you can choose the suitable time for you to study based on your schedule, in a way that does not conflict with your family or job responsibilities. This feature makes online education more flexible and allows many to attend training courses even if they have obligations that prevent them from learning and developing themselves. This feature does not interfere with specific deadlines for submitting homework and final exams that you must abide by. You can study and attend whenever you want, but you have to provide the assignments and attend the final exam on time

Are places offering courses available 24/7?

 All training the materials and resources are available all the time, if you want to get back to the training materials or resources at any time to study or review a piece of information, these materials are available and uploaded on the Internet, while the places that offer online training courses have work schedules and their employees are available at official work times.

Is reaching the teacher difficult?

 For sure, nothing is worse than your inability to reach the subject teacher. You have many questions, and you can’t answer them, you face some problems in understanding a part in the educational content and want to consult the subject teacher in them, but access the teacher in those courses is not that difficult. Several ways are allowing you to reach the teacher easily. The first way is email. It is available to students where the teacher is contacted, and their questions and inquiries are answered. Also, some times the teacher is available online to communicate with students and answer their questions and inquiries. Finally, some educational platforms provide places on the Internet such as forums that are dedicated to discussions between students and teachers, and the teacher views this forum to answer your questions and inquiries.

 Communication with classmates during the courses is essential,therefore some courses make this compulsory, such as placing an assignment within the training course that asks you to evaluate classmates in some of the texts they wrote, for example. In the same ways in which you can communicate with the teacher, you can use them to communicate with classmates, you can communicate via email or discussion forums.

You must be a computer professional.

 Can you turn on the computer?

Can you access the Internet?

Have a little knowledge of moving between websites?

 If your answer is yes, and we believe it will because today no one cants deal with a computer or access the Internet. Then studying online will be easy, you do not need to be a specialist in dealing with a computer or the Internet, you only need the basics, and It will be easy, and you can study any online course.

Recruitment officials do not recognize online training courses because they are not Accredited.

 Unlike the rumors that the courses you get from the Internet are not Accredited, this information is not quilty correct. As the courses that you get from the Internet and put them in your CV give a good impression with the employer or the recruiting officer that you are committed and enjoying to learn and that gives you that priority in recruitment.

 The Internet is only a means by which you get the course and has nothing to do with Accreditation or not, many training centers provide Accredited certificates for the courses they offer online, and many educational platforms provide accredited certificates from international universities. So, the matter of Accreditation isn’t right and baseless; You can get a certificate after completing any course that you have finished studying and passed the test.

 Learning has become more comfortable through the Internet, you can now learn English or German while you are sitting at your home and get an accredited certificate, and these courses will be a strength in your resume. Also, you can learn technical skills related to your work without being a computer professional. Only the basics enable you to start learning and getting advancing in your career. The Internet is a tool that facilitated the communication and learning process and made learning more effective. Do not hesitate to participate in one of the online training courses and start studying now.

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