What Is Business English?

Business English is a specialized area of English relating to the language used in business. Every year more and more people are studying courses in Business English to improve their chances of finding a job at home, career prospects and to be able to work in English speaking countries. If you’ve already studied a General English course or similar, or your English is already quite good, you might be wondering if it would be useful to study Business English.

Why Take a Business English Course:

In today’s fast-paced, global work environment, having efficient communications skills is crucial for your success. Whether you’re looking to understand the more advanced aspects of the language or become a more effective speaker, you can improve your business dealings with business English. Here’s how our business English course works to your advantage. Structured study sessions help improve your interview skills, compose letters, emails and reports and become a better contributor in business meetings. You’ll also learn the foundations of good telephone etiquette and business protocol, so you can conduct yourself professionally at all times. We also offer detailed instruction in specific business areas such as marketing and finance, to help you better grasp terms related to your industry.

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