You might already have your own good reasons for learning Russian. Perhaps you like the sound of the Russian accent, or admire the Russian ballet and literature, or want to get a Russian girlfriend or meet your prince charming.

Maybe you plan to do business in Russia or simply want to visit Moscow as a tourist. Just in case you are still wondering about the benefits of learning Russian, here are some great reasons to get you started. Proficiency in Russian, a critical language, opens many doors. There are numerous job openings in such government bodies as the State Department, the Commerce Department, the Justice Department, the Department of Defense, and the various intelligence agencies.

Unlimited commercial opportunities are emerging from an expanding Russian economy. Western firms which now do business in Russia as well as newly established Russian firms which do business with the West (and indeed with everyone) have created job opportunities for those with multiple language skills. Meanwhile, Russia remains a great language to learn. Studying Russian opens you up to numerous NGOs, companies and government bodies both in that region and at home.

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